Marlborough Sounds Mussels

The bright sunshine of yesterday disappeared and today’s outing was in heavy rain and fog. It was utterly disappointing not to have the photos from inside the Marlborough Sounds like that of our flight in. But still awe-inspiring and unsurpassed views.

The Marlborough Sounds region is a mass of bays, inlets, and coves. They are a series of valleys drowned by the ocean due to changing sea levels since the end of the Ice Age.

We were out to sea for the afternoon from the port of Havelock, learned how the green-shell mussels grow and are cultivated, ate bowls-full of freshly harvested and steamed mussels with a glass of Framingham Winery Sauvignon Blanc from Blenheim.

We were told the green lip mussels are exported but I have yet to eat any in the States. I’d love to know from others if they have had them.

The mussels grow on ropes suspended from the long lines which you see supported by the black floats. One line can harvest 30 tons of mussels. They are harvested mechanically, the boat can harvest around 100 tons a day. The mussel processing factory in Havelock is the town’s biggest employer. Havelock is the green shell mussel capital of the world.

Harvester ship going back to processing plant

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  1. i want some of those mussels! love that you are sharing it on your blog! how great. but i want some pics of the bloggers!

    sounds like you are having an amazing trip. so jealous. bet there’re no garbage strewn streets and overflowing trash cans where you are! enjoy!

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