The Good News: It Isn’t Snowing in Florida

We’re in Florida for a few days with one of the children who got some time off for good behavior from work. We left behind what we heard is another 8″ of snow in Bedford. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Clearwater Beach is rainy and very cloudy today with a forecast of more of the same all weekend. But we went off to breakfast without shoveling the driveway and without donning boots. So we can’t complain.

A view from our hotel room. All together now, say aaaaahhhhhhh.

7 thoughts on “The Good News: It Isn’t Snowing in Florida

  1. We’ll have to take your word for it that there’s no snow in that top picture, especially in the lower left-hand corner. I hope you’re relaxing and having a great time.

  2. EOS – when you have friends who are suffering with minus 18 (and that is real temps; you don’t want to know about the windchill!) – you just can’t bitch and moan about your Florida weather!

    Have a lovely vacation with Mr. EOS and EOS junior. BTW – marvelous photos!

  3. Look out your window now! How’s that for improvement. Welcome to my world.

    Mr and Mrs. I.S. offer to take Mr and Mrs. EOS out for a grouper sandwich to enjoy the beach. We like Guppy’s at Indian Rocks.

    The 3 mile walk up the beach from your hotel is spectacular.

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