Cablevision Still Is……..

OUT! No internet or TV yet and despite my best efforts to stay on hold for “the next available agent who is willing to help me”, my patience level isn’t high enough to wait….and wait.
SOOOOO, I can’t post all my good Rangers pix (clue: Rangers won) but what IS worth the wait is our saga of the massive effort it took GETTING to MSG from Bedford. Typing all that on my Blackberry keyboard isn’t going to happen on this morning when coffee is more important than blogging! 🙂 More when I’m back up and running.

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3 thoughts on “Cablevision Still Is……..

  1. Google “tether Blackberry DUN” to use bluetooth from your Crackberry to get your whole house back on-line, using that great technology known formerly as Dialup Networking (DUN.)

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