Who Has an iPod with Just One Song?

I DO!!!! 😦 About an hour ago, I had a couple of hundred songs, but me and my big ideas, I wanted to download and sync a couple of new tunes for my driving/walking enjoyment. Cut to the chase, I made one false click in the iTunes platform and whoosh, all my songs went bye-bye. I am left with the song I bought today by Cee-Lo, a rather appropriately named tune for how I am feeling about iTunes.
I am only posting a link, not inserting the video and will let YOU decide to click it or not.




It IS a catchy little ditty but for those with sensitive ears, there is a clean version called Forget You. Yes, this 62-year-old loves her R&B and some rap. Shocking, but true.

19 thoughts on “Who Has an iPod with Just One Song?

  1. you have to be the coolest 62-year-old ever to post that thread. i love this song and have it on my iPod too. i’m 32 however, not 62. your best thread of all times. and i agree, his use of the ‘f’ word isn’t vulgar. the best line in the whole song is “she’s an xbox and i’m an atari”. ps: there’s a version of this song on youtube that is just the words – he’s hard to understand sometimes, watching the video. i thought you made my day with the photos of dot the happy pig but this…..well, kudos!

  2. I don’t often read your blog but I happen to click it tonight from FWIW and wow – there’s a surprise. A Bedford mom who likes Cee-Lo enough to put it on her iPod. You have my admiration and devotion. I’m afraid to ask what other rappers you like but humor me and tell.
    Did you know Cee-Lo was nominated for a Grammy – I think for this song even, but I’m not positive. It’s a great song. Good choice for a post.

    And btw, you aren’t the first person to lose all their songs. Been there, done that. It’s a sinking feeling to watch them slip away. My brother lost about 2500 songs in that same “one-click”.

  3. Outrageously good song. Toe-tapping and funny ‘story” if you can understand the lyrics. Ellen DeGeneres had him on yesterday, OBVIOUSLY singing the clean version.

    You are some ticket at 62 – stealth photos at Fairway and Cee-Lo on your iPod. I agree with austin – your best thread EVER. Of course, now I can’t get the darn song out of my head.

  4. He was born in Atlanta and his parents are both ministers so he grew up singing. He’s been around a long time but this song will undoubtedly give him some more fame. Song doesn’t offend me because everyone is right, his use of the “f” word is not remotely vulgar in the tone he sings.

    I second another reader’s vote that you have to be the coolest 62-y-o around. My mother would NEVER listen to Cee-Lo or appreciate his good voice. Will you adopt me?

  5. Your kids listen to Bach and Beethoven? Cee-Lo’s song is fantastic – the beat especially. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Okay, this is cool. You’re a mom and wife who lives what seems like a quiet and privileged life in Bedford and Rhode Island and you listen to rap and download Cee-Lo? I bet my mother wouldn’t know what a Cee-Lo is – she might guess some new sugar substitute.

    Do answer the other readers question: who else do you listen to?

  7. I nearly fell off my chair laughing that you downloaded Cee-Lo’s song. The best way to listen to the song is blaringly loud, lip-syncing as you walk……say along Greenwich Ave., into Richard’s or Ralph Lauren. I dare you.

    PS: Hey kids out there. I’m 64 and know Cee-Lo. We’re not DEAD at this age!! 🙂

  8. The song doesn’t do much for relationships but sure is unforgettable. All you have to remember is two words and you know the whole song.

  9. If you have to have only one song, this is a good one but I’m with the others – no one would would have guessed you like Cee-Lo by reading your pretty blog. Are you joshing us and you are really 18?

  10. The album Lady Killer isn’t any good; this song is the best of the lot. Hope you only bought this one song. C-L was good with the group Gnarls Barkley (sp?). I guess the theme here is Who Knew YOU Would Like C-L? Thread gets four stars.

  11. Modern day morality play:

    Sweet Orange was a pure young love of Steve J, who filled her heart with love and music at 99-cents a pop. Then one day after a long monogamous relationship, Sweet Orange had a flirtation with Bill G, who implanted her with his free-love song. After that, Steve J wouldn’t take her back, and everything was ruined.

    Orange you glad you asked.

  12. sound beacher….great find. i too thought i’d heard the song before, not the x-rated one, and you confirmed it. i’ve only watched glee a few times (so i’m not a certified gleek). gwyneth sang at the cma awards this year, a country song from her new movie. this song would have been a better choice. i can’t get the darn song out of my head.

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