EOS, Handcuffed and Hauled Off

WELLLLLL, not exactly, but I did get “escorted” out of the new Fairway Market in Stamford. Here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…..

I crossed the state line for a second straight day, this time to Stamford. First stop, Lord & Taylor for some basics. I can report the EOSEI* is good. Not only was the parking lot full but people were shopping, and lots. Bags full. [*EOSEI =Earth Ocean Sky Economic Index]

From L&T, I set my GPS coordinates for 699 Canal Street. Anyone who knows Stamford (Bronx Boy55, that’s you), you can’t always get where you want to go…make one false turn and you are ON I-95. I finally got to the Fairway. Three police on duty, directing traffic! I didn’t see enough cars to warrant that but maybe I just missed the mob time. I was ‘greeted’ by a whispering-mumbling-acned teenager, then set on my way to shop. I really didn’t need anything, having already grocery shopped earlier, but I was hoping to find some healthy looking artichokes.  Then I decided, hey, wouldn’t it be fun to take pictures of the inside and post here? Half-way through the store, I felt someone holding my elbow, a man in a Fairway uniform. Seems they forbid photo taking, some proprietary mumbo-jumbo. I said, no problem and tucked the camera away. Shortly thereafter, the imp in me saw a great shot, so I reached inside my pocketbook for my camera.  Here’s the rub…..I was being watched, from overhead cameras like at a casino, because no sooner did my hand touch the Lumix then I was surrounded. I heard alot of “we’ll have to ask you to leave”, “we told you no photos inside”. I explained that I was a blogger, that they could even see my site before saying no. I was told only the manager, Tom somebody, could make the decision. But from behind a closed door, (he never came out to meet me) I was told “no photos.”


Exterior, Fairway Market Stamford
Aisle after Aisle
$25,000 Pyramid
Sequence of arrest: Employee A at 9pm alerts Boss, marching straight at me at high noon. Enlarge photo to see his determined gait.
They had lousy brown artichokes

20 thoughts on “EOS, Handcuffed and Hauled Off

  1. Covert operations by an out of state spy!! Funny story!!

    This story may rival Teri Buhl’s travails.

    I guess I’ll never be shopping there!! LOL

    Send them a link to your blog.

  2. In NY and CT surveyors and those working under their direction are exempt from trespass law, and are entitled to take pictures to document their finding.

    When your court case comes up, we’ll be there to assert you’re covered by that protection. We have the shopping bags, receipts and fruit to prove it. Artichokes not bad!

    In the meantime, you are nominated for the bold bloggers Hall of Fame.

    You are also protected by the news-worthiness of this story. Given their publicity and the wide press coverage with their paid advertising, they have no case. And you got great shots. Who knew? Store opening reviews too!

    Hope hubby has the bail $$$.

  3. EOS: Here is another new market you can try and you don’t have to cross state lines to do it!! We tried to go on Monday, but they were closed. We’ll have to cross the NY border again, to check it out another day. Have you been?

  4. There are a couple of things that don’t pass the smell test here.

    Their store opening photos, widely published, show the isles mobbed. Your photos are absent shoppers, even though there are cars in the parking lot. Even the cart return racks are filled to capacity.

    The specialty and organic isles are notably empty.

    We passed the Darien Whole Foods on Sunday afternoon, and the place was packed.

    What gives?

  5. sound beacher: interesting other blog photos. I went at what I presume to be off-peak time, when moms are likely picking up kids at school, etc. My first take was that there seemed to be three employees for every shopper. They were still setting up. Not once did anyone ask me if I needed help. Wait, I take that back. There’s an olive oil “exhibit” and someone in there asked me. When I used my limited EVOO knowledge to ask for a Meyer Lemon oil, he was, um, er, stumped. BTW, your other comment alluded to a NY market but I didn’t see what it was. Send again.

    Betty: the fruit (and some veggies) were stacked precariously high, to the point I was sure I would be the shopper who toppled something. You know, clean up in Aisle 2.

  6. Surveyor: the parking lot was not even a quarter full and the lovely fumes of some factory across the street, which smelled like asphalt, didn’t help that first impression. As I said to sound beacher, I was there at an odd hour so perhaps that accounts for the empty’ish aisles.

  7. Sound Beacher sent, under separate cover, two links to Mario Batali- Joe Bastianich Tarry Market in Post Chester.
    I have not been to the market yet but know someone who works at the restaurant so I saw the entire process of the Batali team buying up buildings and create their Post Chester space. The restaurant is really good so I have to assume, so too the Market. If you go, report to me!!

  8. I went around 7pm the first week they where open and found it packed (as I expected).

    Overall it was a dissappointing visit.

    1) prices seemed a bit on the high side (and i shop at stew leonards and whole foods regularly which aren’t inexpensive)
    2) i’ve never encountered so many people with seemingly their first job as a 35 yr old. lots of unskilled labor neophytes working this place.
    3) my son left his jacket in the dine-in area. the janitor apparently had found it and gave it to security. problem is, no one knew where security was (not too surprising for a new place) and some people, like in the customer service area, had no interest in hearing my story and helping me. the janitor was very nice, but some of the others i encountered were not. plus, i had the feeling, by the way it was handled, like i was being hussled. it was weird. it took about 25 mins to get the jacket back
    4) my wife was underwhelmed, she still prefers stews and whole foods….while i am willing to give it a few more tries.

  9. I couldn’t figure out what image Fairway is trying to convey. Stew’s has that homey feel, kids welcome, good produce, and great staff. Fairway struck me as quasi-industrial, kinda of a Costco look/feel but not remotely welcoming (at least for bloggers with cameras!) As I was leaving, I heard two check-out clerks calling for a manager so I suspect the opening learning curve is huge. I’m with you and Mrs. CC, Stew’s or Whole Foods. I have no Stew near me – I have to go either Danbury, Norwalk, or yikes, Yonkers! Hence, WF Greenwich.

    Fairway hit a double bogey for this duffer.

  10. I always like your blog, but your Fairway tale is particularly enjoyable. I love the shot of the manager marching toward you. How does it feel to be a dangerous rebel?

  11. I’m thinking of changing professions – from blogger to store spy. It was a high to get caught and escorted off the grounds. Who knows what market is next?! Back ‘atcha loving your nycityman blog (aka…… and several butcher’s aprons) Weekly Dose of Darin.

  12. EOS,
    It is NOT “store spy,” it is “industrial espionage”! There are probably a number of settings in which you could do it well, so think about it as a part time sideline. Bonus: you’d be able to deduct a lot of photo equipment purchases and wardrobe expenditures as legit business expenses.

  13. Thanks for the spelling help, sound beacher. No excuse for sloppy thought processes; but it’s Mrs I.S. who does the aisles, while I.S. does the isles.

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