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The House is Swarming with Worker Bees

January 29, 2015

And I don’t mean these:


Biggest crew is laying tiles. Another crew finishing the base trim. Third tag team came early to take list of paint colors I chose so they can start where the others are not.

Only one glitch – there’s not quite enough tile for the new half bath floor. They need like five pieces, not five boxes, or even five sheets – five hexagons.


The tile ordering process was very stringent – both the homeowner and contractor have to sign off on the square footage so the tile store is not wholly responsible for any shortage. Makes sense. We both did. And what’s odd is that the master bath tile floor has three leftover BOXES.

In phone conversations with the tile store, they’ve been very helpful at finding me one sheet and I’ve even agreed to pay for faster freight charges for it to come to me so I don’t have to wait for it to find its way out of the Port Chester warehouse.

[Update: 11:45am: Sheet ordered, will be in Port Chester at noon tomorrow; I’ll go get. Problem solved]

If this is the only glitch in the entire renovation project, that’s pretty good.

The noise level is pretty severe today – air compressor, tile cutter, trim band saw. I can deal with it, but Dawg has her paws up over her ears.

Nothing Comes Between This Man and His Kubota

January 28, 2015

You know a man is in love with his tractor when the design of the new carriage house has larger covered and heated quarters for the Kubota than for guests.

Bright sunshine today, sunglasses worthy, and an attempt to move yesterdays snow away enough to get the Dodge out of the garage.

Success and fun all rolled into one.


Talk About OLD Broadway, 112 years ago!

January 28, 2015

Emptying our library bookcases for the painters, I came across the Play Diary of great-aunt Ruth, who, to our best guess, was about 11 or 12 when she started writing in this diary. A Play Diary, yes, a delightful way of keeping track of what you saw, what you liked, who was in the play, and who you went with. It’s a regular treasure trove of Broadway, and Brooklyn theater too.




The first entry is from February 1903, at the Savoy Theater, razed in 1952, one of the last theaters of Herald Square to go.

And Ruth’s review of the Little Princess is priceless….not to mention her handwriting, in a day when cursive was mandatory!

Love that she went with her mother and Tante Ada (never Aunt Ada, but always Tante – not sure how that started – no one is French)

Ruth was taken by the performance of Edith Taliaferro, although refers to her as Mabel in the above review. 20141451

The Girl Behind The Counter

Uh oh, Ruth not a fan….

Love Watches with Billie Burke


And tucked in the back of the Diary, a follow up of Billie Burke’s NYTimes obituary, so Ruth must have been fond of her acting.

More plays, more theatres….








Now the Brooklyn Academy of Music, or affectionately BAM



And one playbill was in the diary in its entirety, giving me a good look back at life in the early 1900s….


Sure, a buck for a dinner deeeeluxe.

Take heed Uber!


My personal favorite ad. I laughed out loud!

There are more pages but this will give you a flavor. I think it’s a pretty incredible look back at theater. I don’t think the diary has any particular monetary value but I would think the people at The Internet Broadway Database would find this fascinating.

Raise Your Hand If You Have No Idea What Day It Is Today!

January 28, 2015


I was SURE yesterday was Saturday. No work crew. That makes today Super Bowl Sunday, right?

Oh my. Good thing my phone tells me the day, date, and time!!

Where Our Snow Went

January 27, 2015

Reader Swanton emailed this photo, saying
Still snowing along east facing MA coast. Hard to tell how much snow has fallen because of the drifts but I estimate two feet so far.

Wow Swanton. I’ve been reading that Nantucket is hit hard too, but oddly, not us in RI. Lots of wind, some drifting, but bare road too. New Bedford MA photo on front page of NYT website now looks about like what you are getting.

From the New York Times

From the New York Times

Can you get out on the roads at all?

From Mr. EOS tonight, drifts but not much real accumulation.


A Blizzard? Ha. Only from Dairy Queen!

January 27, 2015

Maybe THIS is what the weather gurus meant was coming our way?


What a bust. I bet we have less snow from last night’s “storm” than we had last week. Mr. EOS chimed in at 5:09am saying he still has electricity. That’s good news.

So that’s it folks. The only consolation is that I’m getting a good laugh at news stations primed with their anchors posted in storm battered areas. Oops.

UPDATE at 11:30am: The Sound Beacher Family sent in some photos this morning from Old Greenwich

We’ve been shoveling our place, the neighbors sidewalks, too.  Lent sleds to the new kids and chatted up the other neighbors.  Here’s how it’s looking.  Talking to people who’ve walked into town.  The Old Greenwich Bagel shop is open and so is Garden Catering and others were carrying grocery bags from Kings, so they are open too.  It’s a winter wonderland here in OG.

Un petite Snow Girl

Roads not bad

The sidewalks were still a mess, but you can get around

Calling All Snow Photos- Post Them Here

January 26, 2015

Assuming I have internet (please Cablevision, hang in there), I’ll post your snow photos here for the next day or so. Dog in Snow pictures welcome too.

Click the EOS-Weekend Info tab and follow the instructions at the bottom to email me photos.

Ma, don't eat the yellow snow!

Ma, don’t eat the yellow snow!

Let me know where the photos are from – you don’t have to be specific if you don’t want to, you can say Westchester County, or Fairfield County, or New Hampshire or whatever. And be sure you tell me how you want to be attributed – Anonymous is fine, or any name of your choosing.

From Catherine, who also lives in Bedford, 10:45a, Monday
I went into Bedford Hills around 10 – the lines into Hess were pretty long, complicated by a plow truck who decided to BACK OUT of the station, with the help of his assistant. The longest back up was coming into BH on 117 from Katonah.

20141479  20141482

From Martha, in Greenwich, 11:45a, Monday
Here is a view from our school room [Ed.note, Martha home schools her boys] – the snow is just getting going. He is dreaming of a snow day, but no such luck! Happily, he will finish his lessons in a couple of hours and have plenty of time for snow play and documentary (or opera, perhaps) watching!

Sigh 15 days till Florida!


From an East Villager, 11:50a, Monday
Rather quiet in the city. Residents are thinking snow prep and not dine out.


From Sound Beacher, Old Greenwich, 1:40pm Monday
Walking around it is really cold outside, and now, looking out the window, the snowfall has just begun in earnest.  This morning around 9am the Shop Rite had NO parking spaces, a zoo.  Had given up and then saw that there was parking at Shop Rite zipped in there long lines for check out even at the self serve, where lots of people don’t know how to run it, yikes!  Made it back before 10, but not a pleasant shopping experience.

All is quiet in the village, the roads are clean and clear, not so much the sidewalks.

Schools have all closed

Last of the school buses has rolled

From @Gothamist Twitter feed: 4:15p, NYC
The Commute!



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