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Because When You Have a Big Boo Boo, Ice Cream Makes It All Better

April 16, 2015

Swirl of chocolate and vanilla for me. All vanilla for Mr. EOS. Mmmmmm. 

When the Sawz-All jams and throws back. Never fear, Mr. EOS getting plenty of (much deserved) sympathy.

If Plane A Leaves LaGuardia at 8am and Plane B Leaves White Plains at 8:02….

April 16, 2015

A triple contrail this morning was exceptional and what I couldn’t get a photo of was thsat the contrail on the left crossed over the middle one, forming a pretty braid effect.


The landscapers have transformed the awful chewed up front and side yard to perfectly graded, top soil, seed, and hay.


A flower or two has bloomed….

But all this glory will be disrupted tomorrow when the new gutters are installed. I tried, in vain, to coordinate the landscaper and the gutter guy so the gutter guy would come first. My luck.

Then Monday, MY floor guy comes to sand and stain the one room leftover. Oh joy of joys. I did hire a team that uses the Bona system, where the dust goes through a hose into a truck. While it does effectively take about 90% of the dust, there still IS dust, all on my nice clean walls and shelves. But I decided to have the big family and friends party first, without the floor being done, while the place is clean, then deal with the mess at the end of next week and be done done done done done.

Where O Where Has My Little Dawg Gone?

April 16, 2015

We all need a vacation now and then and Dawg was particularly needing one after surviving the months of renovation, all the dust and dirt that consumed her bed and yard. She had so many strangers to bark at that she finally couldn’t take it anymore and whispered to me, mom, can I get away? 

Yesterday she helped me pack up her bed, food, blanket, and a bully stick or two, and she’s off having an extended play date until the end of the month with her best friend Bear at his house. 

That’s Dawg on the right, looking a little homesick. She texted early this morning to say All is Well.  

Of course, what she didn’t take into consideration when asking for time away is how WE are doing without her. The house is freakishly empty. No click clack of her nails on the wood floor. No one to wake me up at 4:30 to go out. No one to nudge my shoulder when she wants to play fetch. It’s amazing what a huge part of life a dog can make. 

Miss you Dawg, but have a great time. 



The Hypocrisy of Hashtag Platitudes

April 15, 2015

In case you aren’t as informed as I (joke), yesterday was #EqualPayDay so #Ask4More was the go to hashtag for celebs to promote their two cents how Everyday Female Americans can demand more. I tripped across this representative series of tweet photos from The Levo League, a company with chapters across the USA whose purpose is to

.. arm you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs, and stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop. We believe you can create a life you’re passionate about.

[Ed. Note: I didn’t single out Levo League’s tweets for any other reason than they had the biggest thread on the hashtag. Let me be perfectly clear, I have nothing against them. I am sure they are very good at what they do.]

Let’s start by dissecting the comments of each of these women.

Kerry Washington, a talented actress, successful in her own right, but she says When We Step Up for Ourselves, We Create Opportunity. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to younger women climbing the ladder to know how she stepped up, what exactly she did to create an opportunity?! I’d like to know.

Chelsea Clinton’s comment is the most farcical. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask. Who has she EVER had to ask for a raise?????? Her salary comes from the Clinton Foundation. When she became an NBC correspondent (snicker snicker) she was paid $600,000 year. Was she afraid to #Ask4more? I’m laughing so hard at the thought my sides are aching.

Maris Shriver, What Women Need Now is to Invest in Themselves. I’m not even sure what that means, let alone how that can be made into practical use for young women wanting more money in their place of work. Maria is no shrinking violet, no prima donna, she worked hard, but she first and foremost had her family name and the Kennedy link to her advantage to parlay almost any job she wanted. I may Invest in Myself but is that what I say to my boss to get a raise? I don’t think so.

And then there’s Oprah. Give her tons of credit for creating an empire all on her own. She more than any other woman above probably came upon more hurdles, more setbacks and more times she needed to be forceful to ask for more money. But now that she’s at the top, she says You Get in Life What You Have the Courage to Ask For. Sounds good, right, but how does this hashtag mentality play out in the real world? I don’t see any tweets from women on the rise.

Here’s my real experience in #Ask4More.

I can remember once asking for a raise in my very limited working “career”. The boss told everyone there was money in the budget to either hire a new employee or give out a raise to one or two. I honestly felt I worked really hard and deserved a raise. I was living on sardine sandwiches and sharing a house with a roommate even though the rent was only $125/month. That’s how broke I was. I made the critical mistake of saying it’s either a raise for me, or I go. I was shown the door. Talk about utter humiliation. That’s when I learned Lesson One. No one is Indispensable. They were correct in letting me go.

I also learned early on that there’s merit in seeing the big picture of your job as a member of a team. Maybe you forego a raise because you see that the company is young and you want to take your job along as the company grows.

I watch my own daughters climb the financial ladder and I know for a fact, not one of the comments made by these celebs has any relevance in the real world. I actually find their platitudes harmful, telling women that their only value is in how they are paid. There’s huge value in being loyal. There’s huge value in being really good at what you do, whether it’s at $7.25 an hour, or as a corporate CEO who brings in seven figures.

Anyone here asked for a raise? Am I alone in thinking this hashtag is sheer lunacy for women? I’m old so if I’m wrong, I’m ready to be told so.

And on the Third Day, the Lord said, Open Thine Freezer Drawer

April 14, 2015

Yes, it is true. I had my coat on to leave the house to run a few errands, but something said to me, try the drawer. And it opened.





And now the sucky part of the story. I called Northeastern Appliance in Mahopac back to say, c’mon down, the door is opened and can be repaired. I explained their tech Henry told me to call as soon as the drawer was completely out. Done. But, hold on to your hats, THEIR FIRST AVAILABLE APPOINTMENT IS FRIDAY, BETWEEN 3 AND 7 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you shi**ing me?

New Day. New Outlook. But, Freezer Still Doesn’t Open!

April 14, 2015
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Took a long walk yesterday to clear out the cobwebs in my very cluttered mind on overload and surveyed the back forty for new spring growth that will be lilacs and my famous peonies.

A way to go but encouraging after the brutal winter that there ARE buds. It’s almost time to bring out the patio umbrellas and the chair cushions. Almost. I have family and friends coming Sunday and I’ve told everyone that if it’s nice enough, we will eat outside. Fingers crossed.




Meanwhile, back inside, the damn freezer drawer still won’t budge. The technician wondered if something other than ice was causing the jam but I feel that if a box or food item were wedged somehow, it would still open a bit. Ugh.

Moanday, Moanday

April 13, 2015

Looks like it’s going to be a brutal day – starting off with the SubZero repairman due between 8 and 10.

When last I mentioned the problem (the ice maker wasn’t leaving cubes, rather it was like running water thus causing a heavy build up of ice that prevented the freezer from being opened), I turned off the ice maker and let it be. But, the smart gal that I am, over the weekend I decided I should turn the ice maker back on, just for a little bit, to see if the problem was still present. I left the ice maker on for about two hours, give or take, opened it and noticed the ice was a giant block, melted and refrozen, so I quickly turned the ice maker back off and let it stay. I had proved to myself that the problem was real.

Fast forward to last night – I went to grab something from the freezer but no matter how much beef we put into opening the drawer, it wouldn’t budge. We even called in an able bodied son for some heft and when HE couldn’t budge the door, we knew we were in for big trouble.

We debated about turning off the entire unit last night versus this morning. My SZ is old enough there isn’t the capability of shutting off just the freezer – it’s all or nothing, so we opted for an earlier than usual rise and shine and the unit is now turned off completely. I can’t imagine how the repairman is going to access the freezer if three of us couldn’t.

UPDATE 8:40AM: The repair service called to say, drum roll please, if I can’t get the drawer open, they won’t be able to either and the unit has to be off for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS before they will come repair.

UPDATE 12NOON: The repairman was in the neighborhood and called to see if he could come over. I explained that the drawer was frozen shut but he said he’d like to look at it anyway. He did a couple of good things. He shut off the water valve at the copper piping for the ice maker which duh, I should have done first thing. It happens to be in the pantry door to the right of the fridge, under the shelf where the cereals stay. He was so surprised I knew where it was. He said most homeowners are clueless.

Also, he showed me how to keep the fridge on and the freezer off, a secret code of pushing the On Off Button and holding the warmer freezer setting. So that at least preserves the milk.

He did say though that it will take more than 24 hours for the door to open. Like 36-48. He removed the metal panel that covers the tray under the fridge and said I should monitor it and keep a towel there overnight in case it overflows while it defrosts. The good news is that once I can open the drawer I can call them back and they will come with the right parts and get it fixed. He said most SZ owners have this happen once in the lifetime of their unit, that the valve calls for more water than is needed. Fortunately, I have a second freezer in the barn but last time I looked, getting to it to turn it on will be a problem as Son W had three motorcycles in there, a huge ramp to his trailer. Obstacle Course 101.

I have visions of triple digit $$$ parts adding up to $$$$ digit overall bill. NOT what I need today as Part Two of Moanday Moanday is a visit from the Town Vulture…..
vulture4 (1)

….aka, the Assessor. The ink wasn’t even dry on the final check to the GC when one ringy dingy, hello, this is the assessor’s office, may we come take a look?

Stay tuned………..


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