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Gone Girl

May 21, 2015


Have a great long weekend. I’ll return to blogging Tuesday when I land in Rhode  Island. 

I Know You are Holding Your Breath, Wondering Will TODAY be the First of the Famous EOS Peony Posts?

May 20, 2015

Not quite. The darn cold weather is telling the flowers to stay warm all balled up in their pods. Soon though, maybe next week. So enjoy the non-peony-a-day posts while you have the chance.

No ants this year, but a few beetles. Look carefully at the lower bud.

Also spotted my first butterfly this season. A dearth of them last summer – not even on the butterfly bushes.


Oh boy Oh boy a Car Ride. But What?

May 19, 2015

Says Dawg, as I TRY and introduce her to the Mom’s Let’s Go For a Ride gizmos that arrived today from Orvis.

The seat hammock went on in three seconds – click times four over the headrests, easy peasy. Love it. Love it. Love it.

But our biggest hurdle in traveling with Dawg is her inability to get into the car. She’s too old and it’s just hard for her to jump up into the back seat like she used to. I can relate. So I bought the folding ramp, also from Orvis.

The reviews were stellar but my only concern was reading that it doesn’t fit in the side door of most SUVs, and as you can see from the photo in the Orvis link, they know that and only show a dog climbing into the back. But I liked the reviews enough to buy it anyway, knowing I’d have this issue.

The hammock matches the seat leather and slipped right on. Excellently made, like all things Orvis.

The ramp, as you can see, doesn’t sit square

Dawg, giving me a ton of resistance as I noodge her up the ramp. She balked big time, not at all sure this was going to end well.

Up and in, but if looks could kill – she was NOT happy with what just happened.

What, now you want me to get out and back DOWN that thing? Ha!

Two more tries and she got the hang of it, and didn’t seem so frightened. Now of course, we have to go somewhere. Ice cream?

UPDATE: To answer the question posed by commenter Carolyn: here’s the ramp folded. For now I have it laying flat but when I have the car loaded I will stand it upright so it sits flush to the back seat. I have not tried to see if it fits under the dog hammock, in the well of the back seats.


The Artist Calls it Clay #4. My Eye Calls it #2.

May 19, 2015

CosHarbour snagged some great photos of the most recent art installation by Urs Fischer at the Seagram’s Building in midtown.
From Gagosian:
Fischer’s work is the result of an intimate gesture enlarged to epic proportions. The curving, towering stack derives from a scrap of clay that has been squeezed; scanned and enlarged digitally; then cast in aluminum as a 42 1/2-foot-tall sculpture. The silver surface reveals all of the incidental nuances of the original form, including Fischer’s fingerprints, which are preserved as striated curves.

Me, I look at it and my immediate reaction is that Charmin two-ply isn’t going to be strong enough, but then again, I’m not an art major.



Interestingly, the artist didn’t think one Clay #4 installation was enough for the art loving world, and has a similar one in place at the Greenwich Polo Club grounds, Greenwich CT.

Less fiber in his diet?


Hey, art is art and how wonderful that Aby Rosen, full owner of the Seagram’s Building and noted art collector, is supporting art for the world to see and enjoy. For that I say thank you. But suddenly I feel the need to run to the bathroom! :-)

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Men Finale

May 18, 2015

We’re still hashing the Mad Men finale. Click the link to the discussion page here.

I’m turning Comments Off here so they will all default to one place, in the above link.

It’s Raining! Yay! It’s Raining, Oh No!

May 16, 2015

Good News: Much much needed rain today, to wash away the pollen, to give life to the new grass and flowing plants. That’s awesome.


Bad news: Of course, this is the day I hired a couple of men to help unload the POD and to carry furniture back into the house. OY!!

Remember Those Times When You Visited Your Grandmother and Noticed her White Rotary Phone was Really Dirty and You Thought – Wow, Can’t She SEE How Dirty That is?

May 14, 2015

Uh Oh.



The little TV that hangs under the counter in the kitchen had the sun on it just right this morning and I gasped, gasped so loudly it sucked the air right out of my lungs. Am I that Old lady who can’t see the dirt?

It’s like someone had a food fight on the screen – grease splatter, smudge marks, holy mackerel, it’s so bad I am cringing even showing it to you.

Of course, the question now is, how DOES one clean a flat screen TV? I can’t spray Windex or 409 on it. I can’t bring out a Brillo pad. Maybe I just order a new TV?????

Got answers?


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