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As It Turned Out, We Didn’t Need The Beach Chairs After All

March 1, 2015

The rain gods are telling us something – it’s coming down in sheets.

Bummer since we leave tomorrow so today was our last blast of heavy duty doses of vitamin D. Last chance til spring for a good tennis match. Last chance for lunch on the veranda. Last chance for a swim in the ocean. Last five mile run without layers of long underwear.

I can’t make myself start to pack because that means the inevitable. I’ll be optimistic and hope for a sunny afternoon. Fingers crossed.



Of All The Noive!

March 1, 2015

Someone had the audacity to put towels on the two chairs that have heretofore been OURS. Sheesh.


Beyond that faux pas, I can’t stand the “save my seat” mentality at a resort that has plenty of chairs. These towels have been on the chairs for well over two hours, persons yet not appeared. I call that a flag on the play.

When Ten Isn’t High Enough

February 28, 2015


What Did The Pelican Say To The Blackbird?

February 28, 2015



I cantaloupe with you but I send my best fishes. :-)

Calling All Bird Brains

February 26, 2015

We’ve been mesmerized daily by what we were assuming is an egret. But in doing some googling, we aren’t so sure it is an egret, rather we think it might be a bird in the heron family. Or an ibis, but is an ibis in the egret family? Inquiring minds want to know.

We have so many unanswered questions and hope you all are smarter than we are to tell us what we need to know.

  1. Is this actually an egret?
  2. Is it a male or female we see foraging every morning?
  3. Do they mate for life?
  4. What can they possibly eat with such a long thin neck?
  5. Do they have an inner clock to know what time high tide is? He shows up almost exactly the same time every day.
  6. Is there a family back in the mango grove or would he live alone?
  7. Do they eat just once a day?
  8. Is their vision that remarkable that they can actually SEE the fish in the water? Note that in the video he watched the entire time, never actually eating a thing. We stopped the camera well past the minute mark. He’s a patient soul.




The last video was taken one of our first days here, the video I tried to post earlier and WP spit it back. Here it is now.

Peep(s) Show

February 25, 2015

We’d be remiss if we didn’t show something other than bright sunny beach photos because we remember previous vacation requests to include some photos of people. Here’s today’s sampling. It’s always a fine line taking people photos without permission but I don’t think I’ve really invaded anyone’s privacy.

This couple was part of the husband wife golf tourney and although you can’t see because she’s sitting down, the wife’s skirt matched the material of his bermuda shorts and both had hats of the same zig zag material. Very cute and clever. Note: SHE’s giving me the ‘look’ as I took the photo. 

Early morning tennis players

The staff being briefed – they are exquisite at their job. Attentive without fawning 

Some guy checking his email or preparing to post a selfie on Instagram!

We aren’t the only old fogies here. This couple beats us to the bar every night 

The grounds staff picking up the fallen fronds. Mr. EOS was chatting Kubota’s with the driver 

Bikes are the favored mode of transportation and these belonged to the ladies playing tennis

The Headless Pool Bartender and His Assistant

The huge and gorgeous lap pool – empty! 

Gone to lunch. Save my place. 

Update: This morning after breakfast, we golf-carted over to the off-resort by nearby shop where the owner said he’d have my headband at 9:30 this morning. He was not even open and with the help of someone who knew him, he texted her to say we should come back in an hour “or so.” Hmmmmm. Considering the “scissors” in the thread kit wouldn’t cut anything, not even a thread, and bent in half in the first use, I’m not sure I want to pay through the nose for a $1.99 plastic headband just to keep my flowing locks out of my eyes when playing tennis.

Lollygag Mode Redux

February 24, 2015

Still on island time with Half Moon delightfully empty post-president’s day vacation. Nirvana. We’re suntanning seriously, reading, and realizing how great it is to be away. I haven’t even texted home to see how the floors turned out! It’s like why bother – if they are awful, then I’ll fret another week. If they are great, then I’ll be really happy when we come home and see them.

We golf-carted around the resort after lunch, on the hunt for a headband for me (easier said than done), and more colors of thread than the white I brought. The headband proved to be next to impossible, until we met one gift shop owner, a gentleman from India who told me HE didn’t have one, but his brother owned a store and he could have me one tomorrow. He also wanted to sell us a needle and thread kit that was marked $12.00 (for about $2.00 worth of thread!). We said we didn’t want to pay that much. He lowered the price once, we still balked, so he lowered it again and again until we found a price that suited us, and him. Back tomorrow for the headband.

On our mosey….

No humans out to play with the dolphins so they were entertaining themselves, or mating, we couldn’t tell which!

The sea gulls were hanging around sun tanning too.

Staff was setting up for a beach wedding, having a very difficult time keeping the plastic chairs from blowing away.

There’s a husband and wife golf tournament here- apparently the event is in its 31st year! We met a few couples at breakfast, dressed in highway alert green matching shirts and lo and behold, as we pulled over to the golf course, there they were, just finishing up. We’ll try and see how they did.


With the renewed interest in Cuba, I took new photos of the refugee boat that has been her since 1996.


Did I competently put you to sleep with this incredibly boring post? It certainly put me to sleep…….


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