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BedKnobs or LeverSticks?

March 30, 2015

I know, the headline is a reach. What can I say, it’s Monday and for god sake, it’s freaking snowing again. The kind of snow that sticks too. Go away winter. Go away.

One of the last details I need to attend to is picking out interior door knobs for four doors. Into the new half bath. Into the new master bedroom. Into the new master bath. Into the master closet. The doors that require pulls and not knobs all got polished chrome handles by Martha Stewart from Home Depot. Simple, yet classy. Or so I think.

Pulls and knobs by Martha Stewart at Home Depot.


For better or worse, I’ve decided to go all polished chrome. I’m tired of brushed everything. The hinges are going to be by Baldwin, Polished Chrome. But everywhere I’ve gone to buy them, they are backordered. Perhaps I’ve started a new Polished Chrome surge…..or perhaps no one in their right mind would buy polished chrome?!

But the real conundrum is to go knob or lever.




I want something noticeable yet at the same time I want to keep the style of the house in mind. It’s a simple cottage, no grand estate, and I do worry that fancy handles will overwhelm the almost Shaker style door.

I’m heading over to Rings End today to see some of the levers and knobs in person. The Baldwin Lock Designer website is nice but doesn’t show how the knob or lever locks, what kind of mechanism is needed. It only says “additional purchase required: locking mechanism”. Hmmmm.

I had thought about ordering knobs from the website Rejuvenation. They have some very pretty knobs but their locking mechanisms require a second hole in the door and a second notch in the trim for the lock to work. I’m not at the state where I want to cut more holes. I want to buy a knob or lever, install it and be done.

Feel free to share your two cents on the polished chrome. It doesn’t mean I’ll change my mind, you DO know that, right, but hey, your opinion matters! Oh, and don’t forget to tell me Knob versus Lever. Thanks!

I Bet You Thought I Couldn’t Do It!

March 29, 2015

I didn’t come from a long line of tough broads for nuttin’….I wasn’t about to let the double zipper of the bed cover make a wuss out of me, so I went back in there, flung the mattress on the floor, and told that sun of a gun cover I was going to figure out how to make it work. And I did.

The harder part of the project was heave-ho’ing the mattress. It’s a heavy sucker and I wasn’t about to let it flop onto my newly painted walls and create a scuff mark so I was trying to hold the mattress on its side WHILE tackling the zipper. I think it was Catherine who said I had to unzip it completely first. I did that and then I saw I could fold under one layer of the fabric for the zipper to attach to the inner ring. Then I had to heave-ho again to get the mattress onto the base. Phew. Is it drink time YET???????????

It’s going to be interesting using adjustable beds. As you know, it’s two extra long twins, each on its own base, each with its own remote, each separately adjustable. Although we haven’t slept in them, we can already see the bases tend to slide apart from each other- just from normal use :-) so I think finding some Velcro strap to keep one leg of each base tethered might make sense. I don’t want to roll over and land on the floor.


Haven’t even bought end tables yet, let alone the bed frame. Might have to use boxes as end tables for a while until we decide what we want. Slowly, slowly, we’ll get there.

Heads or tails?

Heads or tails?

Well, It Says EZ Zip But Guess What?????

March 29, 2015


This stubborn as hell Aries gal is hellbent on getting the master bedroom and the new adjustable beds usable before we are old(er) and gray(er)! The mattress store gave us two full-surround zippered cases because it was explained to us that when a bed adjusts up or down, some fitted sheets can come off the corners but putting the zippered case fist would eliminate that problem. The men who installed the frames and placed the mattresses asked if we wanted them to put on the case and we said, no, how hard can that be? Ha ha ha ha. We’ll do that later. Well, later means Mr. EOS is back in RI installing more windows and I am swearing like a seaman, angry at myself that I can’t figure something out that should be simple. Dawg is snoring away in the dining room sunshine so she’s no help.

The biggest problem is that the case has two zippers and OF COURSE, after wrestling the mattress to the ground and putting the case on, I find it’s way too big and that the inner zipper is what needs to close.

See, there are two rows of zipper, I suspect to fit more than one brand of mattress and to make it fit snugly.

Once I had the case on (I won’t tell you how long it took me), I noticed that it was huge, all baggy and hanging around the corners. I know that means I have to attach the inner zipper but haven’t figured out how.

So for the time being, to cool off my hot and bothered mood, I’ve moved on to cleaning before the cleaning company comes! Yes, that’s me. A couple of pieces of furniture that were thought to be tightly covered are laden with dust, even inside the doors, blanketing some of our favorite ‘heirlooms’ with the gray powder from both the sheetrock and the floor redo.

Dust, dust, dust………..

Everything has to be washed or polished…everything……….

Sea glass, a twig, handpainted items, just a few of our favorite things……….

Dot he Pig has been through a lot in her twenty+ years on earth, a broken ear thanks to the housekeeper who dropped her, but she will always get a prime place on a shelf. She’s that important!

The snow this morning was NOT a welcome surprise. Enough already. Enough. Fortunately, by 1pm today, most of it has dispappeared but it’s still cold outside. Happy Sunday.

EOS Weekend, Schuss Edition

March 28, 2015

All thanks to Sound Beacher, from ski trip to Tigne and Killy. Ooooh la la, très magnifique!

Skiing the French Alps

Tigne the most beautiful sunny day of skiing. It was inspiring.

But many days the fog moved or it snowed heavily or the cloud cover dropped. It is so hard to ski when you can not see especially in the steep challenging Alps

Note the moon over the mountain.

The French food at the top of the mountain peaks. Looked lovely tasted even better. How do they get the food up there?

Pacing. Pacing. Pacing.

March 27, 2015

UPDATE REDUX: 4:08pm. NO INSPECTOR!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 2:03PM. NO INSPECTOR!!!!!!!!!!

I was told by the electrician yesterday that he called for an inspection today. From “9ish to 1ish“. I didn’t really have any choice so I’m trying put in more shelves in the newly wallpapered bookcases but alas, I am doing more swearing than installing. I’ve gotten all of THREE shelves in. Three, not 33. Three.

So mostly I’m……..

and looking at my long list of chores out and about that aren’t getting done. I did arrange for a post-construction cleaning crew from the local shop Arco to come a week from today. The father-son window washer team I’ve used for years is coming April 7. The housewarming party is April 12. Cutting it pretty close.

While I wait, I’m also hoping to get text updates from my sister whose oldest granddaughter, a middle-schooler at a private school in the city, is competing at the New York State National Geographic Bee in Albany. She is one of 100 students to make it to the state elimination round. Awesome. Fingers crossed next round is Washington DC.
NatGeo Bee update from my sister:
I**** lost in the 2nd round of the tiebreaker…. Now watching the 10 boy finalists…. Fascinating… I think she has really enjoyed the experience and thrilled to get to the final 20!!!

Happy Friday!

People Say Don’t Sweat The Little Stuff. I Say, It’s ALL About the Little Stuff.

March 26, 2015

The new interior doors came with a default brass hinge. The GC knew from the get-go I didn’t want brass and I asked him a thousand times – don’t you change them BEFORE the painter comes? He kept saying no, after. Made ZERO sense to me. Why would I want to swap out hinges after the door has been painted???????????

Yesterday, when I wasn’t here, a worker came to swap out hinges. First of all they aren’t the finish I asked for and secondly, and totally stupidly, they aren’t the same kind of hinge. The ones put in yesterday have a tab and extra hole, the hole so big that it is the first (and almost only) you see. I said I’d go buy the hinges I want and hand back the old ones to the builder. Sometimes when you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

What came with the doors……...

What got installed yesterday…………

Beyond the fact that the wrong type hinge was put in, and the wrong finish, he took zero time to put them in snugly and where the old ones sat. Not a good thing.

The painters need to come back too because one of the plate covers exposes some part of the wall that wasn’t sanded and painted properly. I might ignore it if it weren’t visible but it’s right in the front foyer.

The electrician was here today, finishing up installing the last of the fixtures. Fixtures that were ordered MONTHS ago and now that the space is finished, some don’t look right, others look stellar. My favorite so far is the lantern under the new front door gable. I even ordered it in a LED version so I wouldn’t have to see a bug-covered light bulb.


For a little fun factor, I bought a Twinkle While You Tinkle fixture in the half bath. That room will also get some wallpaper but I haven’t chosen it yet so the walls are only primed.

Getting there.

Does It Count As A Night Sleep if You See 12:41, 1:53, 2:23, 3:17, 4:05, then Decide, What the Heck and Get Up at 5:01?

March 25, 2015

Stressed over the last hunk of change to pay the builder, not to mention the bonus costs of new gutters, repairing the well, and ka-ching to repair all the landscaping damage from equipment, I’m not sleeping all that well.

I was at the hairdresser early this morning and honestly could have fallen asleep under the dryer.

I’m a good sleeper normally, watch a little TV then pass right out, but the last few nights, awful outages. I don’t know if it’s me, if it’s stress, or if it’s the need for spring, but I think I’m going to try to take a power nap, but not with the Power Nap Pillow!

Hard to believe this is a big seller! I'd die of claustrophobia in it.

Hard to believe this is a big seller! I’d die of claustrophobia in it.

Update: LO AND BEHOLD, reader CosHarbour spied someone wearing the Power Nap head thingie……………what a coincidence! As he labeled the photo:
Seat 17C! :-)

Even if I did have that stupid hat on, chances are slim to none I’ll get any rest – the roofers are here, putting new cedar shakes on the new gable and replacing the cedar in parts of the roof that had collateral construction damage. Not exactly quiet. Bang bang bang.


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